Boho: Bringing It All Back Home (Boho Press, 2005)
Boho: Bringing It All Back Home(Boho Press, 2005)
HEAD ON mock cover 2021

Kendall Goddard is currently writing her first manuscript HEAD ON: A guide to enlightenment survival from a woman who has fallen on her head one too many times.  It is a tragi-comic autobiographical account of the intermingling of her neuroses, creativity and pursuit of spiritual fulfillment during the many fantastical experiences in her lifetime as a performer, traveller, yogi, linguist, casual philosopher, woman, wife and mother (not to mention someone officially diagnosed with multiple mental health disorders who is long-term recovering from just about any addiction you can imagine).  HEAD ON is due for release in 2022.  

She occasionally publishes a blog of the same ilk HEAD ON, which was launched in February 2017 (although very rarely these days now that she has young kids!).

Kendall featured as a guest writer for Vogue Australia in December 2018, describing her experience of playing one of the Greendale Thirteen witches on the first season of Netflix/Warner Bros production Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Her writing also featured on Sukha Mukha Yoga’s blog in September 2013 in her article The Bhagavad Gita and The Wedding Dress.

Kendall’s poem Post Blowout Traumatic Culpability Complex was published by Boho Press in the 2005 anthology Boho: Bringing It All Back Home.